About EET

Elemental Energy Technologies Limited is currently commercialising a range of hydrokinetic turbines capable of operating in a very wide range of flow rates, making them deployable in the greatest range of locations around the world.

The SeaUrchin™ tidal turbine was a leading design in its class and the development project won a prestigious Award for Excellence by Engineers Australia in 2012.  EET is now focused on applying all the lessons learned from the SeaUrchin program into a brand new range of turbines capable of being mass produced from proven materials and components with only one moving part (ie now gearbox).  EET’s focus on design simplicity and ruggedness will result on turbines which are more cost effective than competing marine generators to manufacture, install and maintain.

EET’s turbines will be able to be installed as standalone units to replace a diesel generators, or in an arrays designed to produce large-scale power.  Initially available for fast flowing bodies of water, EET will develop turbine solutions for slow flowing waterways, including tidal and river locations.

The EET team

Since its establishment in 2007, EET has worked with our engineering partners ATSA Defence Services, RPC Technologies and e3k. to develop its unique award winning SeaUrchin technology. This collaboration has been rewarded with an Excellence in Engineering Award from Engineers Australia.

To take commercialisation of the SeaUrchin to the next level, EET is assembling a highly talented and experienced team to work with our partners, licensees and launch customers on the first commercial models which will be announced in 2014.

ET 0000 Engineers 3

The EET Engineering Team: Jack Wild (left) Esteban Suarez (centre, seated) and Dr Peter Murdoch (right)

Dr Peter Murdoch: An experienced design engineer who has worked for General Motors Holden, Mercury Marine and most recently Oceanlinx. Peter completed his PhD at Brigham Young University in Utah, USA then worked for a design consultancy, which involved work on the US Navy submarine program optimising propeller blade designs.

Esteban Suarez: A project manager with experience in customising technologies and establishing wind turbine farms in South America and the USA. Esteban has a masters degree in electrical and mechanical engineering.

Jack Wild: An honours graduate in engineering from UTS with experience in high-precision manufacturing of medical devices.  Jack focussed his honours thesis on ocean energy technology.
These new members of the team are working from our new engineering hub.

As EET’s business develops, further strategic appointments will be made to ensure that we can work side-by-side with our partners and licensees to deliver commercial models and deliver on the promise of our superior technology.